Embark on your choice of two outstanding miniature golf adventures. Play our Jungle Golf course through a tropical rain forest, under and through playful waterfalls, around a peaceful lagoon and, over scenic mountains. All this may sound calm and relaxing, but BEWARE: This course is not for the faint of heart!! Wild animals populate these links. 

Take advantage of two different ways to make your rounds. Pay for unlimited play on the course of your choice before 5 PM, or by the round after 5 PM. As always, the points on your Jolly Roger Passport to Fun Card can be used to make the rounds on our courses.

Recent Reviews

Jungle Golf
Doug : 4 on 9/17/2023 5:11 pm
The layout is cool here but the holes are kind of weird and not very challenging. Their other course right next door is more fun and challenging. Not sure if we’d go back to this one or not but we had a good time and there was literally no crowd at all.
4 5
Jungle Golf
L. J. : 1 on 4/23/2024 8:30 am
Just doggone lame and basic!

I had a run-in with the diminutive/little owner or manager of the business who had his dog off-leash. The dog came running full-speed toward my 6 year old — who’s still getting comfortable with dogs as we don’t own one— and downright scared him. When I mentioned to the guy he should consider putting his dog on a leash (which is the law in Ocean City) instead of just acknowledging the fact that I was right, he proceeded to mouth off (and even had the nerve to threaten to refund our money and kick my family off the property). What a great start to our visit!

Re: the course, as other reviews have mentioned, this course is pretty basic and not that challenging. Most holes are just a straight shot through an obstacle. Save your money and go elsewhere. There are too many other/better options to choose from besides this place!
1 5
Jungle Golf
Michele Grove : 5 on 6/14/2023 5:13 pm
Nice mini golf course. Good for kids and adults. Natural environment with many live plants and trees. Has benches for resting throughout the course. Entrance is through the Jolly Roger park.
5 5
Jungle Golf